"We took the chicken out of the egg!"

OnlyEg is all about the eggs - fully plant-based across a range of formats for tasty, nutritious dishes across cuisines. Cholesterol-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, antibiotic-free and sustainable! Find out more and get your hands on our products today!

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Two young women laughing and eating a dish with OnlyEg shreds.

What's 'OnlyEg?'

There's nothing more special than an appetizer, main course, or dessert made with OnlyEg. We're entirely made from plants and designed to be precisely what you need - a healthy, nutritious egg alternative that provides the same great taste, texture, and versatility.

We’re an egg made from plants for the world’s cuisines. The possibilities are endless! With OnlyEg products ranging from patties and shreds to tamagoyaki and ready-made omelettes, chefs and plant-based foodies love us.

Now's the time to create our future! OnlyEg is chicken-friendly, nutritious, and easy on the environment.

Yes? No?
What Does It Mean?

Did you know: every time you eat an egg, whole ecosystems suffer? We’ve got to give these chickens a break!

Say NO! to chicken eggs and YES! to our plant-based eggs.

Healthier for you, better for the planet and SUPER GOOD for chicken vacations. OnlyEg, Asia's first plant-based whole egg substitute. NO! chickens, YES! eggs!

Chefs Who Love OnlyEg

Chef Addis from Love Handle | Chef Simone from Solo Ristorante
Chef Alex from 67 PallMall | Chef Ming from The Refectory SG

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Egglicious Possibilities

Be inspired by dishes crafted using OnlyEg ingredients by chefs all around the world!

OnlyEg Patty Bao

OnlyEg Sando

OnlyEg French Toast

OnlyEg Noodle Salad

OnlyEg Salad

OnlyEg Taco

OnlyEg Wrap

OnlyEg Wrap

OnlyEg Fries

OnlyEg Cucumber Wrap

Olive Fried Rice

Prepared by Bangkok Jam

Laksa with OnlyEg Shreds

Boyz to Men Burger

Prepared by Three Buns

OnlyEg Floating Island