Sink your teeth into our thick, fluffy OnlyEg Tamagoyaki! They're staples in Japanese cuisine, used in obento dishes and sushi.

What Chefs Say

“It's superbly nutritious, and it's very versatile. I have been able to use it in so many dishes and Since I like to do things that are out of the ordinary, OnlyEg helps me create unique recipes."

- Chef Geeta Lachmandas

"The Tamago looks nice and symmetrical, and the mouthfeel and texture are so satisfying. It is next-level!"

- Chef Addis Tan, Love Handle


Nutritional Facts

Our food is designed to be nutritious as well as delicious! We use only plant-based ingredients to enhance your quality of life. Learn all about it by downloading the information pack or nutritional facts linked below.

12g of protein (same as chicken egg)

70% less saturated fat

Heats in minutes

Package size: 500g
(equivalent to 10 eggs)




Product of Singapore

Free of artificial preservatives, colourings and flavourings