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Our Founder's Story

Founder and CEO Vinita Choolani, wife of a doctor, mother to a grown son, and marketing veteran, believes in many things. She believes in a jump-for-joy selfie at every new place she travels to. She believes in food as a great connector for humans. She believes anything is possible. She believes in life, our planet, our responsibility to nurture and nourish those we love and care for. She believes in the power of plants to nourish, to heal and to evolve.

“I believe in the possibilities plants present as a source of food. Float Foods was founded to forage for such possibilities, and create nutrient-dense substitutes to animal products for anyone who wishes to eat in a healthy and beneficial way for ourselves and for the planet.”

When Covid-19 shook the world in 2019, Vinita sat up and determined that we had to take control of our health. Food was the key, she decided. “We need to understand the source of what we eat. I believe plants are the key. That plant-based diets can help with obesity, cancer, hypertension and all sorts of chronic disease.”

She also observed the food disruption to supermarket shelves at the height of the pandemic and realised how fragile our food distribution chains were. She believes that food tech is Singapore’s path out of this vulnerability to supply chain disruption and has committed to the Singapore Food Agency’s vision of producing 30 percent of our own food by 2030.

“Our tiny population of 5 million eats 2 billion, mostly imported eggs a year. Every single egg requires 53 gallons* of water to produce. Animal farming creates a carbon footprint totalling a third of the greenhouse emissions of transport, the largest culprit.” It dawned on her that food tech could solve many nutritional, environmental and ethical problems. “We can no longer simply ignore the fact that the current state of food production is setting us on a path to destruction.”

But as a passionate foodie, the Singaporean also acknowledges that food is, first and foremost, all about enjoyment. “What if I served you fried rice – one bowl with chicken egg, the other with plant-based egg that has as much protein, zero cholesterol, no drugs, hormones or antibiotics, is high in fibre and tastes just as good?” It’s a no-brainer, she says. Just try it.


Group photo of the OnlyEg team

Meet the Team

Meet the people in our amazing, diverse team who work hard to make OnlyEg a reality and to fulfill our mission of sustainability through plant-based cuisine.

Vinita Choolani


Tan Hui Yian

Commercial and Partnerships Regional Director

Kelvin Ng

Executive Vice President


Application and Technical Chef

Prashant Chhaya

Director of Operations

Ze Woei

Research and Development Manager