XL Omelette Wraps

Our fluffy, easy-to-roll OnlyEg XL Omelette Wraps are perfect for breakfast wraps, tacos, and tortillas. Even better, they can be carved into any shape of choice for round omelettes, thin noodles, triangles and more!

What Chefs Say

“When I see this kind of product such as OnlyEg, what I think is that it's a fantastic option to use for different cuisines because it comes in different variations.”

- Chef Raheel Ahmad, Marriott Singapore


Nutritional Facts

Our food is designed to be nutritious as well as delicious! We use only plant-based ingredients to enhance your quality of life. Learn all about it by downloading the information pack or nutritional facts linked below.

12g of protein (same as chicken egg)

70% less saturated fat

Heats in minutes

Package size: 500g
(equivalent to 10 eggs)




Product of Singapore

Free of artificial preservatives, colourings and flavourings