OnlyEg: Alt Protein Choice for Serve 360 Challenge

Twenty of the country’s finest chefs gathered at the Le Meridien KL, a luxury travel brand of Marriott, for a challenge that would ultimately stretch their culinary creativity and test their skills. The challenge was: To create exciting new dishes using an array of pre-selected locally sourced, plant-based products with zero waste. The Serve 360 Challenge is an event for chefs and aims to push the boundaries of green gastronomy, anchored on Marriott’s commitment to creating a positive and sustainable impact wherever they do business.

One of the participating plant-based brands was OnlyEg, the only plant-based egg available to chefs. Chefs were delighted to use OnlyEg as their alternative source of protein as it came in different forms: tamago, omelette, and shreds. Furthermore, they were ready-to-eat and could easily be pan-fried, sauteed, or microwaved in minutes.

Marriott Singapore’s Culinary Director Chef Raheel Ahmad agreed that it was a fantastic egg alternative that worked with any cuisine. “When I see this kind of product (such as OnlyEg) it's a fantastic option to use for different cuisines because it comes in different variations.”

Executive Chef Antoine Rodriguez of Le Meridien shared an optimistic outlook on plant-based eggs. According to him, OnlyEg would likely significantly impact the local market and the rest of the world. He expressed that OnlyEg enabled diners with special diets to take advantage of the goodness of eggs. 

The results were amazing, with each dish showcasing the versatility of OnlyEg. From traditional Malaysian dishes to Western-style cuisine, the chefs proved that OnlyEg could be used in any recipe. Health- and eco-conscious diners can rest easy knowing that their eggs are good not only for their health but also the planet.