Cooking It Up With Chef Geeta

As far as Chef Geeta Lachmandas is concerned, nice, healthy food need not be drab, bland, or boring. Like her sprightly, evocative personality, the healthy dishes she developed for OnlyEg are colourful, inspiring, and delicious to the core! 

Among the dishes are whole wheat soba noodles topped with OnlyEg shreds, tacos with carrots, cilantro, and OnlyEg omelettes, and caramel soft rolls made from OnlyEg omelettes. Who could imagine how versatile a plant-based egg could be?

"It's a fantastic product," says Geeta. “It's superbly nutritious, and it's very versatile. I have been able to use it in so many dishes and since I like to do things that are out of the ordinary, OnlyEg helps me create unique recipes."

As a holistic health coach, Geeta incorporates simple cooking classes into her teaching modules to help her clients see how easy it is to actually eat as close to the source as possible. As a breast cancer survivor, she advocates eating healthy, nutritious foods. “Eating is a big part of the healing process. Consuming naturally-made foods is the first step to detoxifying,” she explains. 

However, maintaining a healthy diet has become increasingly difficult in today's society. People are working longer hours than ever before.  The demands of work, family activities, and other personal responsibilities leave many people feeling unmotivated to keep the momentum of a healthy diet going.

Her advice: “The market is full of new products that help you prepare healthy meals at home like OnlyEg. For instance, OnlyEg shreds are great to have at home. OnlyEg shreds are a good source of protein and can be kept in the freezer or chiller. You can easily prepare vegetable fried rice or fried noodles and have the plant-based shreds as toppings,” she quips.