Bamboo Bowls Culinary Director Gives OnlyEg Perfect Scores

It’s amazing to think that a few years ago, there were no local plant-based alternatives to chicken eggs. Adopting a plant-based diet meant saying goodbye to eggs and sticking to the usual lentils, tempeh, and tofu as your protein source. 

This ceased to be the case when Chef Justin Hammond, Bamboo Bowls' Culinary Director, received and tasted a sample of OnlyEg plant-based egg products. Justin, who is popular for his progressive culinary style, was looking for plant-based ingredients that would add variety to the menu, and found OnlyEg to be the perfect solution. With their perfect texture and flavor combination, OnlyEg's products were exactly what Justin was hoping to find. 

Chef Justin in his kitchen

Sharing his reason for going plant-based, Justin said, “I want to be able to create plant-based foods that have that same rich, savory taste without using any animal products. A lot of times, people who are switching to a plant-based diet or vegetarianism for health reasons still want the taste and textures that they’re used to from meat," he continued. "I'm on a personal mission to make plant-based eating more mainstream and accessible for everyone.”

Justin's discoveries led to the creation of the Trang Bowl - a rich, red peanut curry made with OnlyEg plant-based egg, lime leaf, roasted green eggplant, holy basil, red chili, and fresh coconut salad. It’s one of Bamboo Bowls' latest creations alongside Asian Bowls from Bangkok, Saigon, Tokyo, Bombay, Bali, Seoul, and Singapore. 

“OnlyEg has my 100% endorsement. It’s a game-changer, and I would never endorse something that wasn't close to the original, and OnlyEg definitely meets that criteria,” adds Justin. 

Aside from adding some zing to the menu, OnlyEg and Bamboo Bowls share the same vision of creating unique taste experiences by combining food technology with a keen awareness of nature and sustainability. The result is a healthy fast-food store that optimizes technology to serve hearty and healthy bowls curated by renowned chefs in the region.