Nutritional Facts

Looking for something healthy to eat? Check out OnlyEg products. Our food is designed to be nutritious and delicious. We use plant-based ingredients to enhance the quality of life for everyone.

0% Cholesterol


Significantly Lower in Saturated Fats

No Artificial Preservatives, Colourings or Flavourings

Nutritional Facts


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XL Omelette Wraps

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Sustainable and Better for Our Planet

It takes a whopping 200 litres of water to produce a single chicken egg! Animal food farming is the next largest producer of greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere to transport. Asia is one of the largest contributors of carbon emissions in egg farming and 65% of the egg producers worldwide. If we took the chicken out of the egg and replaced animals in our food with their plant-based substitutes, it would cut carbon emissions and literally heal the air we breathe.


Lower carbon footprint

Lower water usage

Lower land usage